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Benefit Innovators is a full service actuarial consulting firm.

Actuarial Services


Benefit Design & Cost Modeling

Using our proprietary plan design cost model, we can assess the impact of any plan designs you or the employer you are working with would like to consider.  This includes Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) for groups that are looking to partially self fund with an HDHP.

Self Funded Feasibility Studies

Self funding can save most employers considerable money over purchasing fully insured coverage.  Smaller groups can often achieve some of the same savings through level funded programs.  We can model the funding scenarios you believe an employer should consider to assess the expected cost and risk of each option.  We can also help you determine the most cost efficient stop loss coverage that the employer should purchase if self funding is indeed the best option.

IBNR Reserve Calculations

Groups that are self funded have an outstanding liability at the end of the plan year.  Funds set aside to cover this liability are referred to as IBNR reserves.  We provide the calculations of these reserves and our qualified actuaries will certify those reserves.

Self Funded Renewal and Total Cost Projection

Our Self Funded Renewal and Total Cost Projection report serves as a tool for you and your employer clients in a few ways.  First and foremost, it is an independent projection of cost that can be used to negotiate stop loss rates and the attachment point.  It also sets the budget for the renewal year and can then be used to strategize and analyze changes to plans and employee contributions and their impact on that budget.  This analysis can be the robust tool you use for renewal planning each year.

Actuarial Value Calculation and Minimum Value Certification

Under the PPACA, plan sponsors must offer employees benefit plans that provide minimum value which is defined as 60% actuarial value.  We are able to calculate the actuarial value for any benefit plan and will certify that plans provide minimum value.

Short & Long Term Budgeting & Cost Projections

Employers are often looking to strategize around their healthcare benefits for more than just one year.  We will project cost multiple years into the future so that employers can see the impact of changes they plan to make and adjust those plans to meet budget requirements.

Rate & Renewal Reviews

We provide actuarial reviews of fully insured renewals.  This involves examination of all underwriting assumptions used in the experienced rating portion of the renewal calculations.  Our reviews will help you to negotiate with carriers and get your clients fair rates.

COBRA Rate Development for Self Funded & Partially Self Funded Plans

COBRA rates are often calculated by non-actuaries in an improper way.  We calculate COBRA rates based on the expected cost to provide the same benefits to active employees and certify those COBRA rates for your employer clients.

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